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Bayou Passions

Bayou PassionsA saga of defiant desires, this story of 1840 New Orleans follows pampered Creole beauty Marie Hélène Boudreaux as she is pursued by Morgan Davies, a handsome, upstart Welshman with a dark past. Their love scandalized the old city and blazed with undying glory.

Violet-eyed, raven haired beauty Marie Boudreaux was, at 18, the undisputed Belle of New Orleans. Neither time-respected rules nor shame could stop her from loving Morgan Davies, an older riverboat gambler who commandeered her wild rebellious heart. Shunned by polite New Orleans society, Morgan was determined to possess its jewel and make Marie the mistress of Moss Allée, grandest plantation in Louisiana. When Morgan leaves Marie to tend to affairs in Wales, matters become complicated with the arrival of Michael Smith. A young stranger, his dark eyes compelled Marie and his virile presence tantalized her desires but what she longed for was unthinkable – Michael was Morgan’s son!

“Vivid, exotic, fevered.” – Ashley Carter, author of the Black Oaks Saga

“A brazen Creole beauty, her passion shocked a reckless city of golden pleasures.” – Publisher’s Notes

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Author’s Note: This was my first published romance. My hero was based on my own Welsh heritage and set in my favorite city, New Orleans. The heroine was based on my favorite movie star – a beauteous brunette with violet eyes. Can you possibly guess who she was?