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First Families

First Families

The penal colony of Sydney, Australia is the turbulent, colorful background for the story of English aristocrat Evelyn Gilleland and Irish convict Gavin Traver, a love that broke all the rules as they struggled to survive and triumph in savage new land.

Lady Evelyn Gilliland is the beautiful daughter of an English peer. Bred for a life of elegance and privilege, she is unprepared for the perils of the remote Australian colony and a love challenging her very destiny. Gavin Traver is the fiercely proud Irish patriot, condemned to a life of cruel labor for defending his dignity. Inspired by a love defying age-old barriers of nation and class, he is determined to endure the bleak despair of the British penal system and claim what is rightfully his. Giuseppe Amato is a brilliant Italian artist there to paint the exotic wildlife of the Outback and in the process captures the heart of a woman whose past made her a lonely outcast.

Author’s Note: This is the only historical I wrote as Terry Nelsen Bonner, the second in a series on the founding of Australia. I started it in 1980 before the Internet made research so easy. Luckily I was living in Manhattan and took advantage of a library at the Australian Consulate which had diaries, journals and other accounts of the designated time period, 1791.

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