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Flame of Charleston

Flames Of CharlestonThe sequel to the Heirs of Rebellion introduces more colorful characters as it follows the fortunes of the Condé dynasty, rebel aristocrats in an embattled land. Their fortunes were as unpredictable as a summer hurricane.

The Condé saga continues as Noëlle Condé Nicholson, now the matriarch, struggles to hold together a family divided as her beloved country goes to war. William Condé Nicholson, her firstborn son and his father’s political heir is forced to choose between patriotic duty and family obligation. André Condé, the half-breed Indian nephew, becomes obsessed by a forbidden Charleston beauty and Rêve Blanc, the magnificent rice plantation where the family’s dreams and nightmares play out. Marie Condé, a legend in her own time, casts aside petticoats for buckskins and bullets to fight alongside South Carolina’s fabled Swamp Fox, Francis Marion, in America’s war for independence.

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Author’s Note:  Charlestonians are famously hospitable, and after the publication of Heirs of Rebellion I was invited to live in the historic downtown while researching the sequel.