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O’Rourke’s Treasure

O'Rourke's TreasureIn 1889, Amanda Barkley flees the crushing conformity of New York society to flee halfway around the globe to Egypt. Her encounter with Irish soldier of fortune Sean O’Rourke sets her on a collision course with passion and the most unlikely suitor imaginable.

Wealthy but sheltered Amanda made the most daring decision of her life when she traded Manhattan drawing room society for the burning sands of Egypt. Her taste for adventure is whetted when she meets the dashing O’Rourke and finds a world of passion along the banks of the fabled Nile. A life of abject poverty inspired dreams of glory, fame and fortune for O’Rourke who traveled the Dark Continent in search of treasure. He never imagined his quest would include perils equal to anything he encountered on safari before he claimed the jewel named Amanda.

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Author’s Note:¬†After a 1999 cruise up the Nile, I was inspired to set aside the usual Southern settings and take my characters to Egypt. Since what I saw was vastly different from what my Victorian characters experienced, I read the journals of someone who was there at the appropriate time, none other than Florence Nightingale!