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Sweet River

Fabulously rich antebellum Natchez is the backdrop for the tempestuous affair between penniless orphan Miranda Harpe and rogue steamboat captain, Edward Holmes. Could a wary innocent capture a scoundrel’s heart?

When a steamboat explosion left Miranda orphaned and penniless, she turned to saloon singing to survive. Boarding a steamboat bound for Natchez, she found herself drawn to Captain Holmes, but how could she fall in love with the scion of the family she held responsible for the tragedy that shattered her life? By turn, Edward had no intention of giving up the life of a wealthy playboy and saw Miranda only as his next conquest until animal desire turned into something much richer. But how could he convince Miranda he was not the blackguard she believe him to be?

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Author’s Note: I’d heard about the splendid mansions and charm of Natchez, Mississippi, for years before discovering it for myself one spring weekend in 1997. The so-called “town that time forgot” is so rich in history and eccentricity that I was inspired to write a second book set there, Goat Castle: Murder and Madness in Mississippi based on a sensational 1932 society crime .