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When French New Orleans is sold to Spain in 1766, Creole beauty Angèle Fortier betrays her hometown, heritage and family by falling for Carlos Mendoza, a captain in the hated Spanish army occupying the city. Had Angèle been conquered by the enemy or was she a willing prisoner of love?

Consorting with Spaniards was a crime and loving one was even worse, but Angèle had no choice. Smitten by Captain Mendoza, she would risk anything to be in his arms, even betray her father, a fervent loyalist with everything to lose and nothing to gain by this union. Carlos would learn that French passions were as deep as his love seemed doomed. But Mendoza was used to winning battles and from the moment he first saw Angèle he knew this was a conquest he did not want to lose.

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Author’s Note: My fifth romance took me back to New Orleans and a turbulent period when the French threw Spain out of Louisiana and staged North America’s first revolution. New Orleanians memorialized that brave struggle by naming Frenchmen Street in the Faubourg Marigny for five young martyrs to that cause.