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Out of Time

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Out of Time is the final installment in my time travel trilogy and Madeleine’s most dangerous, daunting trip yet. Her destination is Haiti in 1820, an exotic but forbidding Caribbean island under the iron rule of King Henry I. Madeleine is once again in search of her mission until she encounters the mysterious Creole Écho who reveals that Haiti is only Madeleine’s first stop on her journey deep into the past.

From the back cover:
Never second-guess the August Ones!

Transported from New Orleans to 1820s Haiti, as the guest of King Henry I, Madeleine St. Jacques is dazzled by his opulent palace and a fanciful court with a Duke and Duchess of Marmelade and Royal Pages called Bonbons. Slaves only a generation ago, these extravagantly costumed courtiers dance the minuet and worship in a Catholic Cathedral while voodoo ceremonies flourish and the mountains throb with the drums of Africa. Madeleine soon discovers ominous forces at work in a fairytale kingdom as fragile as it is exotic.

“You need not be frightened, my dear. I’m frightened enough for both of us.”

Consumed with power and determined to make Europe respect his tiny island nation, King Henry builds on a Pharaonic scale—grand palaces, sugar plantations, new harbors and the largest fortress in the New World— at a terrible cost of human lives. When his obsessions morph into madness and her world careens toward chaos, Madeleine fears she’ll never learn why she’s been sent back and becomes desperate to return home before running  Out of Time.


“Each installment in Llewellyn’s time travel trilogy is a unique experience. All are very well written, due largely to the author’s incredible eye for historical detail. The history of Haiti isn’t something I have thought much about, but Llewellyn brings the characters to life. The story line is absorbing, and the plot twists will not disappoint. It is a wonderful romp through time with his captivating heroine, Madeleine.” -Greg Lindeblom, author/photographer, Masculine Beauty

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