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Heirs of Rebellion

 The Condés of Charleston were an 18th century Carolina family rivaling the Ewings of Dallas for scandal, drama and daring. These headstrong French Huguenots were determined to forge a dynasty and create their own legends with passionate secrets and loving lies.

Meet the Condés. François, notorious privateer and the black sheep of the family, he discovered his destiny in the arms of the ravishing captive who became his master. André, François’s “respectable” twin, cherished a woman beneath his class and followed a forbidden passion that stunned the city. Noëlle was the beautiful rebellious belle who spurned counterfeit love and waited for the man who would ravish her heart. Justine, a pirate’s plaything with a patrician lineage, hid the blazing secrets of her past and kindled a powerful passion to be free.

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Author’s Note: After New Orleans and Savannah, I set my sights on another of the South’s antebellum “treasure cities,” Charleston. Happily I had a high school chum who lived on the nearby Isle of Palms and invited me to stay while researching the book. It sure was difficult to focus on the 17th century with that beautiful beach only a block away!