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Historical Fiction

The greatest challenge of this genre–but arguably the most fun–is finding a subject so rich and seductive that I’m compelled to write about it.  My first foray, Twelfth Night (1997) turned the elegant Creole world of 1857 New Orleans inside out to explore a dark underbelly spoken about in hushed tones, if at all. In Creole Son (2012), I trailed French painter Edgar Degas on an 1872 visit to his New Orleans family, one hurling him into the horrors of post-Civil War Reconstruction and forever changing his painting style. In 2014, I ventured outside the South with Communion of Sinners, a murder mystery/exposé documenting the inhumanity of the eighteenth-century Spanish California Mission system.  The Goat Castle Murder (2016) delves into a real-life crime in 1932 Natchez, Mississippi,  notorious enough to lure tourists and reporters from all over the country. Each novel voyages through a different time and place. I hope you enjoy the ride.

A historical fiction novel, Goat Castle Murder, by Michael Llewellyn A historical fiction novel, Communion of Sinners, by Michael Llewellyn
A historical fiction novel, Creol Son by Michael Llewellyn A historical fiction novel, Twelfth Night by Michael Llewellyn