About Michael

Michael Llewellyn is the author of twenty-one books under various pen names in the genres of historical fiction, time travel, mystery, adventure, contemporary fiction and nonfiction travel. A native of Fountain City, Tennessee, Michael comes from a long line of authors and memoirists. He is a direct descendant of Philip Walker (1625-1679) whose work, Captain Perse & His Coragios Company, is one of America’s first epic poems. His maternal grandmother, Eula Langford Brooks, was a published novelist, and a cousin, James Agee, won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, A Death in the Family.

Michael lived in New York’s Greenwich Village twenty years, working as an advertising copywriter by day and writing novels in his spare time. In the ’70s he was the author of four historical romances under the name Maggie Lyons before relocating to the French Quarter in 1992 where his passion for New Orleans led to a travel book, Edge Guide: New Orleans. Next came Twelfth Night (1997), a historical novel delving into the dark side of 1857 haute Creole society and the exotic caste system of the free people of color. The New Orleans Times-Picayune called it “the gilded bean in your carnival king cake.” It was followed by Creole Son (2012) which focused on French painter Edgar Degas and the turbulent 1872 visit to his New Orleans family which deeply impacted his artistic style. New Orleans literary reviewer Celeste Berteau wrote, “Llewellyn’s deft handling of historical detail entwined with an engrossing fictional narrative will appeal to lovers of history, art and a good read. Creole Son engages, it educates, and above all, it entertains.”

Michael folded mystery into historical fiction with Communion of Sinners (2014)This tale connecting murders, ancient and ongoing, ripped open the romantic Adobe Curtain shrouding the California Mission system to expose a world of cruelty and deprivation. You won’t find this book in the Catholic bookstores! Later that year brought Still Time (2014), a time travel adventure transporting New Orleans heroine Madeleine St. Jacques back to 1861. As the city braces for the Civil War. Madeleine encounters serendipity, danger and duplicity on her voyage of self discovery. Her adventures continue in Past Time (2015) when she is catapulted to St. Petersburg, Russia, circa 1914. As the guest of Romanov Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna, she confronts fierce intrigue at the court of Tsar Nicholas II and stumbles upon a plot that could change the course of history. The final book in the Madeleine Trilogy, Out of Time (2017), takes her to Haiti circa 1820 and the fragile, fantastical court of slave-turned-monarch, King Henry I.

Michael’s most recent book of historical fiction, The Goat Castle Murder (2016), focuses on a sensational real-life crime in 1932 Natchez, Mississippi. A bizarre tale involving European royalty, Southern aristocracy, and a U.S. President, it offers madness, incest, racism, feuds, vertiginous falls from grace and eccentricity in spades. The Louisiana Advocate said, “Impeccably written, researched and rich with detail, The Goat Castle Murder is a provocative story of lost grandeur and a fine piece of historical fiction. It reads as a can’t-put-it-down mystery novel as well.” Earlier this year, Michael ventured into the genre of Southern humor with Unrefined, Sugar, a novel loosely based on a colorful 1950s childhood in Tennessee. His post, “Refining Sugar,” explains how and why he made this radical writing departure. He is currently writing Defamed! based on the life of Nancy Randolph, a Virginia aristocrat who spawned America’s first great scandal in 1792 when she was falsely accused of murder, adultery, incest, prostitution and infanticide.

Following a peripatetic life taking him from New York and New Orleans to Santa Fe and California Wine Country, Michael has settled in Virginia where his ancestors have lived since 1632. He is married and lives in Fredericksburg.  You can write to him here.